The Winning Formula

book png nnThe entire “Winning Formula” program, does not force you to count the calories or to think of the serving sizes because the entire concept is structured in such a way that you only eat as much as you need, and feel full at the same time.
“The Winning Formula” is the result of many attempts and experiments to find the solution for any person to lose weight while rediscovering the pleasure of eating at the same time.
The book presents a full diet plan to lose weight, organised in 4 original steps easy to follow:

1. Change 

During this stage, the uncontrollable hunger sensations caused by glycemic fluctuations will temper. Another advantage is that the addiction to food such as sweets or pastry will diminish or even disappear. You will also be amazed at the control you will have on the hunger sensations, cravings and food serving sizes.
From now on you will have great chances to get to the level where you will not be stressing yourself with overweight, energy level or health state because you will be completely adapted to burning fats from stores as source of energy.
Change is the first step towards a carefree life in terms of body weight and health.

2. Transformation

After this stage, your body will really start to transform itself, obviously in a good way, moreover visibly. During the Transformation stage, you will be able to connect better to what “a healthy lifestyle” means, because this stage is a determinant period for the entire program.
At the end of the Transformation stage, you will enjoy many benefits, starting with the number of pounds you lose, the inches you lose off your waist and thighs, to the high energy level and self-confidence you gain. But the most important is that you will come closer to your goal and, implicitly, your body will adapt to consuming fat from its own stores as a main source of energy.
You will become more optimistic and full of energy as a consequence of the results you have and you will not want under any circumstance to go back to the old unhealthy and destructive lifestyle.

3. Victory 

Congratulations! You believed in this formula and you won! You have reached the physical shape you desired in the beginning of the program, at the weight and body fat percentage optimal for you.
Moreover, you are completely adapted to the state of burning fat from your own stores and this will only bring you benefits. The difficult times have passed.
You can say goodbye to your old unhealthy food habits, frustrations and worries about your physical appearance.

4. Maintenance 

Weight Maintenance will guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the maximum of your food treats, without worrying about extra pounds for the rest of your life. Here you can come acrossdiscover some delicious food or culinary combinations which can be savored without the risk of weight gain if you follow the formula from this stage. From now on, your life can be very beautiful and easy, if you understood the principle of the entire program. Your body will “talk” to you.